Packers GM Ted Thompson transitioning to new front office role, team will hire replacement

After 13 seasons as general manager of the Green Bay Packers, Ted Thompson is transitioning to a new role in the organization, leaving the team in search of a new man for the job.

Thompson will be the Packers’ senior advisor to football operations, the Packers announced Tuesday.

If the Packers choose to promote from within, there are several potential candidates, including director of football operations Eliot Wolf, CEO Mark Murphy, vice president Russ Ball, director of player personnel Brian Gutekunst, or senior personnel executive Alonzo Highsmith.
At around 10 p.m., gold grill still in his mouth, he heads to Chicken & Watermelon, a counter-service wings dive. “I’m finna take you to the hood,” he announces, saying that’s where the best food is. Not to mention the daquiri shack next door, where the drinks are strong and the DJ is spinning Juvenile. “I gotta get some food in me before I do some crazy s— tonight,” Kamara says, before ordering 100 BBQ and lemon pepper wings and several colorful daiquiris for the group. He daps up the group of men standing in a circle outside the front door, smoking cigarettes and passing blunts. “Your real n—- points out the roof right now,” one man says to the Saints player just hanging in the hood with the real New Orleanians. As he leaves, there’s a loud bang somewhere in the distance. “That one was a gunshot,” Kamara notes.

At 11 p.m., Kamara is shirtless in his kitchen, drinking Cupcake white wine straight out of the bottle. His mom calls. “I’m bout to get f—ed up,” he tells her. “Bout to get turnt.” He opens a drawer and pulls out a stack of $1 bills. “Left over from the strip club,” he says, being unapologetically Alvin Kamara, the best rookie in the NFL, organic, authentic, distinctly himself.

They warned that Saints rookie safety Marcus Williams, who inexplicably missed on the Diggs tackle, will unfortunately go down with playoff goats like Bill Buckner of the Red Sox.

Trailing 24-23 with the ball on their own 39 yard line, and 10 seconds left with no timeouts, the Vikings needed a miracle — and they got it with:

Keenum steps into it. Pass is caught. Diggs. Sideline. Touchdown. Unbelievable. Vikings win it, screamed Joe Buck.

A stunned Troy Aikman could only ask: What the hell was Williams thinking?

[Williams] comes in, he’s got [Diggs] dialed; all he’s got to do is make a play.

Rapoport also reported, citing unidentified sources, that the Titans are preparing to go after Patriots offensive coordinator Josh McDaniels if they part ways with Mularkey.

It’s been a rough couple of weeks for the Ottawa Senators, but none rougher than the most recent.

The team, struggling though the first few months of 2017-18 to the tune of its worst start in 20 years after coming up just short of the Stanley Cup Final last season, has had to deal with owner Eugene Melnyk opening the door to the possibility of moving the franchise.

Before his team took on the Montreal Canadiens in the NHL’s outdoor NHL 100 Classic game on Saturday, Melnyk brought up the idea of maybe moving the franchise.

“If it doesn’t look good here, it could look very, very nice somewhere else, but I’m not suggesting that right now,” the team’s sole owner, governor and chairman said. The Senators were roundly criticized for eliminating 1,500 seats from the Canadian Tire Center to begin the season after struggling with attendance during 2017’s playoff run, and haven’t found a solution to the problem.

Thanks to his on-field exploits at Tennessee and Tennessee Tech, wide receiver Da’ Rogers hit the league with a bit more fanfare than the average undrafted free agent when he signed with the Bills 2013.Those are the spots that you develop the Griffths, Kokos, Senyshyn, Heinen, etc.Seabrook received a congratulatory text from longtime teammate Sharp, who was traded to the Stars the .The Jaguars started at middle linebacker he could learn the defense behind starter Posluszny.Tilt, 31, of Old Market Place, Newhall, Swadlincote, was handed a two-year conditional discharge and was ordered to pay £85 costs and a £20 victim surcharge for attempting to steal from a Boots store, High Street, Swadlincote, on November 16, and for possessing heroin, Burton, on 11.

Cam Newton, quarterback, Carolina. This game against the Vikings was the biggest of the year for Carolina, which had played lousy in other big ones—losses to New Orleans twice and Philadelphia. Fourth quarter, 2:33 left, Carolina ball, second-and-five at the Panther 30. Newton fakes the read-option, keeps, runs over left tackle, and goes 62 yards to the Viking eight. Jonathan Stewart scored the winning touchdown three plays later, and Carolina had a 31-24 win. Newton’s never going to be a 68-percent passer for a season, but he is going to be a man who impacts every game in different ways.

However, he isn’t the greatest athlete and was a try-hard college player who could struggle to transition to the NFL.Once Gordie got drafted by the Aeros, everybody forgot how and were, how good they were, Gordie’s wife, , wrote years later and Howe!: Authorized Biography.The Jazz point guard jokingly told reporters there that he hoped the talented 19-year-old Simmons would go second overall to the Los Lakers that they could face off more often during the .mid-October, a -Pioneer Press story said Heinicke had looked good while working out with the scout team.Bledsoe and Aikman come to mind.

The sign is dominated by a large red triangle set against a white background over the company name spelled out blue letters.Then Red Sox gave him a shot at Triple-A and the rest was history.Guard Schweitzer, a sixth-round pick was beaten out by veteran .Richie Morrill made 44 saves.We just have to take a step back and get refocused.

The two games that stand out as possible wins: Packers in Week 14, Bears in Week 16.

“Jacoby is as mentally tough as you’ll find. Those types of guys, they’re going to grow and they’re going to get better from experience they have.”

Brissett was acquired from the Patriots on Sept. 2 to take over for Andrew Luck, who has yet to play in a game this season due to ongoing complications from a shoulder surgery he had during the offseason.

The 3-9 Colts will have another chance to protect Brissett from getting sacked Sunday, when the team faces the Bills at 1 p.m. ET.

An outpouring of support for Shazier was evident at Heinz Field well before kickoff. Dozens of Steelers wore black T-shirts featuring the No. 50 with a yellow circle around it. Linebacker James Harrison stretched on the field with his shirt off, which was Shazier’s famous pregame routine.

“It was a terrific and easy trip coming down from San Antonio, we had a day off to go out and see the city, you don’t travel all this way to watch TV in your room, I’m going to need to get on a diet after this trip,” said Miami coach Erik Spoelstra, who said he visited as many cafes as possible. “It was fun but then we got back to work and we prepared good for tonight’s game.”

Portland star Damian Lillard scored a season-high 39 points with five 3-pointers playing back home in Oakland. He hit a 3-pointer late in the first half with Durant in his face and pumped his arm to celebrate.royals_012

NFL playoff picture: Scenarios for Eagles, Steelers, others to clinch in Week 15

Due to some unpredictable results over the weekend, the NFL playoff picture clinching scenarios for Week 15 are not too different than those of Week 14. With the Eagles and Steelers having clinched postseason berths with their division titles, they and four more teams are presented with a variety of clinching scenarios this week.

“Really just sitting down and watching lots of film and playing sort of the Jon Gruden quarterbacks school is the analogy that makes the most sense to me, that might make sense to everybody here,” Brown said before the Sixers’ 105-98 loss to the Cleveland Cavaliers on Saturday night.

Gruden is the former NFL coach and current Monday Night Football analyst who has a popular segment on ESPN in which he invites some of the top college quarterbacks entering the NFL draft to ESPN’s Wide World of Sports Complex in Orlando, Florida, for a skull session.

Manning, of course, saw his streak of 210 consecutive games started end last week when McAdoo went with Geno Smith, a decision universally derided around the NFL.

Wednesday was the first time Spagnuolo spoke with the media since he replaced McAdoo.

Manning told WFAN Monday he approached Spagnuolo to tell him he wanted back in as the Giants’ quarterback and captain.

“I hope I’m the starting quarterback,” he said Monday, per “I went [Monday]. I did speak with Coach Spagnuolo for a little bit. It had only been 30 minutes since I had been told he was the head coach. I told him I wanted to be the starting quarterback. I want to be out there and help us go win these four games. I hope I’m out there on Sunday playing against the Cowboys.”panthers_022

Tyreek Hill Jersey has been sensational.

Everyone saw the impact he had as a rookie in 2016, when he scored 12 total touchdowns (including rushing, receiving and return scores), but there was some question as to whether the 5-foot-10, 185-pound Hill could step in and be a big-play No. 1 receiver. Well, Hill has been just what the Chiefs needed him to be. He and stud tight end Travis Kelce are tied for the team lead in targets with 49, and Hill has a team-high 515 receiving yards (14.3 per catch) and three touchdowns. Kelce, meanwhile, ranks third in catch percentage (75.5) among players with 45-plus targets this season, while Hill ranks fifth (73.5 percent) — the Chiefs are the only team with two players ranked in the top 10 of that category, according to Pro Football Reference. The Chiefs are also just one of two teams with two players ranked in the top 15 in receiving yards (Hill is fifth and Kelce is 15th with 423; the other team is the Patriots, courtesy of third-ranked Brandin Cooks and 13th-ranked Rob Gronkowski Jersey).

Listen, I don’t try to live my life as a contrarian. That’s not true — I kind of do. I spend a lot of time in public houses and taverns, and I have a two-hour commute that allows me to hear a lot of the sports world’s most popular opinions. Sometimes, I think it’s best to take a look at the other side.

In this space, I’ll be articulating a handful of positions that are the opposite of what most people think — unpopular opinions, if you will — and explain why, well, my unpopular opinions are right and everyone else is wrong. Below are my unpopular opinions for Week 8.

The San Francisco 49ers are not a good football team (0-7) that plays in a new stadium (in a city that isn’t San Francisco) that fans do not seem to enjoy. So, it’s really not that surprising then to learn that they reached out to fans with a questionnaire to get some feedback. What is surprising is that they thought asking fans, “In terms of game day experience, how important is it that your team wins?” was a good idea.


NFL scores: Week 10 results, highlights

Nobody before the season could have guessed Saints vs. Bills in Week 10 would be so intriguing. The game in Buffalo was the marquee matchup of Sunday’s early games … until New Orleans turned it into a blowout. The Saints dominated the Bills, 47-10, and extended their surprising lead in the NFC South.

“I don’t regret my decision. I regret the result,” McDermott told reporters following the game. “This is in part about winning now and in part about winning in the future.

Are the LA Clippers’ hopes of extending their playoff streak to seven consecutive years already dashed? Kevin Pelton projects their chances and breaks down potential moves if they need to rebuild.
“It’s a tough blow for the team, but it’s worse for Patrick,” Clippers coach Doc Rivers told reporters in Atlanta before his team went out and beat the Hawks 116-101. “We thought it would probably be just meniscus, but it turns out to be a lot more.”

Not only have Kaepernick and Goodell not met one-on-one, but they can’t even agree on the details of the invitation to do so.

Kaepernick’s attorney, Mark Geragos, says league spokesman Joe Lockhart’s claim that an invitation Oct. 31 from NFL VP Troy Vincent went unanswered was false, and that Geragos countered the invitation Nov. 1 with an offer to meet with Goodell if a mediator was present. The attorney said the NFL rebuffed a meeting that included a mediator.

Lockhart, however, called Geragos’ claim “disingenuous.”

“Troy reached out to Colin directly — not to his lawyer — and said, ‘If you want to come in, come in,'” Lockhart told Yahoo Sports. “This isn’t about his lawyer. This isn’t about a mediator. The question of, ‘Has (Colin) been invited in?’ — the answer is yes.”broncos_091-500x500

Can they actually make the Stanley Cup playoffs?

Sources said the league looked into the matter and learned that Olshey’s hand gesture was directed at a close friend, who is a fan of the Clippers, which is why no punishment was issued.

As for the scuffle with Beal, Green said he’s still not over how everything went down.

“I’m still watching that video over again, trying to figure out what I did wrong,” he said.

According to the Elias Sport Bureau, the Golden Knights are the only franchise in NHL history to have three goalies with at least two wins through the first eight team games of a season.

Over the past four seasons, the eighth-place team in the Western Conference has averaged 92 points. Vegas already has 16 points in nine games. To earn 92 points, the Golden Knights would need 76 in their final 73 games (.521 points percentage).

Curry and Golden State got handed a second home defeat at this early stage of the season, falling 115-107 to the Pistons on Sunday night as Avery Bradley scored 23 points for Detroit.

“It just has to matter enough. Right now it just doesn’t seem to matter. Our guys are lacking in energy and focus and discipline,” Kerr said. “We finally started caring with six minutes left when we were threatened and we immediately cut it to three because we cared. But the right team won, karma was in the right place tonight.”

Tobias Harris hit a 3-pointer with 1:27 remaining that all but sealed it after Kevin Durant fueled a late Warriors rally.

Smith has been the athletic director at Ohio State since 2005, having previously served in the same capacity at Arizona State and Iowa State. He has served on the NCAA committee on infractions, NCAA executive committee, NCAA football rules committee and NCAA men’s basketball selection committee. He was a member of Notre Dame’s 1973 AP national championship team.canadiens_398_6f5baf9f451fa5c1-180x180

“I mean this league has problems right now and they don’t know how to get out of the way of them.”

Goff’s lineage was less American royalty than All-American, as the son of Major League Baseball catcher Jerry Goff. There was never any quotes about “thinking he’s arrived” after Goff’s freshman season, particularly after going winless against FBS opponents.

Looking at the statistics from each junior season, both Goff and Rosen have a green light to air it out, averaging more than 40 throws per game. With completion percentages above 60 and an average of more than eight yards per attempt, the stat lines are solid and the yards per game totals are high enough to rank among the best in the country when graded out against their peers. Even for a quarterback, both Goff and Rosen have what basketball statistics would determine is a high usage rate.

“We need to see a guy jump in the stands and sit in a seat? I mean, come on. What are we doing here?” Francesa said. “This is what the league needs, right? The league is in a state of panic is what it is right now. They’re playing in front of stadiums they can’t believe have empty seats in them, their ratings aren’t any good; the quality of play is lousy. Even (Sunday) night, I’m watching Atlanta and New England and the game’s a bore.”

Francesa was not done there. “No one has been a closer follower of the league in the last 40 years than I have been,” he added. “I’ve done it my whole life as an adult. The league is in trouble right now. A lot of trouble.

Francesa said the NFL likes to tell everyone they are fine but cited CBS and Disney stocks being down and ratings dropping 15% over the last two years before lauding Cowboys owner Jerry Jones.