The Eagles couldn’t get out of their own way on this fumble, but they scored anyway

On a third-and-goal from the 2-yard line, the Eagles handed the ball off to Corey Clement. He fumbled the handoff from Nick Foles, who would end up recovering the football, and dove into the end zone, which officials called a touchdown:

That feeling helps explain some of the league’s quality. Half of the Big 12’s coaches have led a team to at least one Final Four: Bill Self (Kansas in 2008 and ‘12), Lon Kruger (Oklahoma in ‘16 and Florida in 1994), Bob Huggins (Cincinnati in 1992, West Virginia in 2010), Shaka Smart (VCU in 2011) and Bruce Weber (Illinois in ‘05). Elsewhere in the league, you have the coach with the best winning percentage in Big East history (Jamie Dixon, who came to TCU from Pittsburgh two years ago) and the steady hand atop one of the sport’s most impressive rebuilds ever (Baylor’s Scott Drew). The league’s other three coaches are all rising talent under 45: Beard, Oklahoma State’s Mike Boynton and Iowa State’s Steve Prohm.

If it’s your job to navigate that gauntlet, well, that might not quite be fun. But for those of us observing, there’s nothing better to watch.

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Which suggests that pretty much everyone else was blind to the signs of his potential. After all, this was a perfectionist who chucked his helmet if he so much as dropped a pass; a leader who asked his college coaches for every offensive player’s phone number to arrange summer throwing sessions; a receiver with a ring size dwarfing that of most MSU linemen. “Sausage fingers,” says Bryan Schmid, one of Thielen’s college roommates, explaining how in 2017 this D-II gem just became the first Minnesota receiver to make the Pro Bowl in eight years. “That’s how he does it.”

Stefon Diggs was destined for the NFL. At least, that’s what his father, Aron, told Stephanie one Halloween, motioning toward the five-year-old red Power Ranger with an overflowing bag of candy.

Jacksonville, the largest city by area in the continental United States, is spread across several counties. Duval County makes up the majority of Jacksonville. At Jaguars games, the team’s fans have a Duval chant in which they yell “Duuuuvvvallll.” When Blake Bortles was drafted in 2014, he thought fans were booing him when in actuality they were chanting “Duuuvvvalll.” In the 2013 offseason, the fans voted via Twitter to be referred to as Duval. A popular hashtag used by Jaguars supporters is #DTWD, which stands for Duval ‘Til We Die.patriots_429_32ac1d0a96bab27e-180x180

Bill Belichick will not accept ‘bomb cyclone’ as an excuse for being late to practice

Everyone who ventures outside in the Boston area on Thursday is getting punched in the face by a 21-mph winds from the north. There’s snow. And the temperature keeps dropping. It’s a blizzard. Not just any blizzard — a BOMB CYCLONE!

If you live in the area, you better have a damn good reason for going outside in this weather. Like football practice.

On Friday, the Steelers ruled him questionable to play against the Jacksonville Jaguars on Sunday, but Mike Tomlin told reporters to expect to see Brown.

Brown was listed as a full participant in practice Wednesday and Thursday, which bodes well for his chances at playing. He was sent home Friday due to an illness, but that shouldn’t factor in to his chances at seeing the field.

“I didn’t want him to get any of the guys who weren’t sick, sick,” Tomlin said, via the Associated Press. “We’ll bring him back in the building (Saturday) and continue with his game readiness. We don’t have a lot of reservations about him from a physical health standpoint. We do need to get him well from an illness standpoint.”

Brown finished the 2017 season with an NFL-best 1,533 receiving yards. He’s also the only receiver who managed to top 100 yards against the Jaguars defense this year when he finished a Week 5 loss with 157 yards on 10 receptions.

Rhodes would be treated in the medical tent, and would come back into the game after being examined:

It seems fair, for instance, if Manning could get a year or two added to the deal if it puts him a little north of $20 million annually. My guess is four years, $80 million might be the floor for Denver or Jacksonville or some surprise team (Manning’s hometown of New Orleans, if Drew Brees walks, for instance). I can’t see Manning staying if he either doesn’t like the 2018 brain trust or, even after two months to let the anger dissipate, is still wounded by this. But as I say, Manning is more thoughtful than vengeful. He probably makes the best family and football decision, wherever that leads.

The more I see the Giants, the more I think Mara should fire McAdoo and Reese and start over with a new front office and coaching staff. The team is stale. Aside from the defensive free-agency home runs hit in 2016 and picking Odell Beckham Jr. in 2014, Reese has had some cold streaks in personnel, and he hasn’t gotten the line right in front of Manning. If Mara lets Reese pick another coach in 2018, what happens if the Giants go 5-11 in ’18 and want to cut ties with ReeseThen the new GM would be stuck with a coach he never picked. A clean break seems smartest. Then Manning can judge his best place for 2018, and the new guys can judge if they want Manning.patriots_088_f0e4bcfcd0a8d385-180x180

The Chiefs turned a Titans muffed punt into 9 yards for the Titans

The Chiefs and Titans had three minutes of football that ended up not meaning a whole lot in the end.

The Chiefs were punting from their own 27-yard line on a fourth-and-2. The Titans were called for running into the kicker, which would have given them a first down. However, they were bailed out after Ukeme Eligwe was called for unnecessary roughness, offsetting the Titans’ penalty.

6b. Looking at the free-agent class of edge rushers, my goodness, send your ideas for exciting new inventions to Demarcus Lawrence, because he is about to come into an obscene amount of money. (Demarcus, if you’re reading this, my invention idea is a Christmas tree that decorates itself—no more gashing your hands on razor-sharp pine needles, no more concussing yourself with falling ornaments, no more shelling out thousands of dollars to “Big Christmas Tree.”

And also it has an alarm clock in it.) If Lawrence doesn’t reach the market, teams in need of edge rushing help are looking at rolling the dice on Ziggy Ansah, the most talented edge on the market but a guy who hasn’t produced consistently since 2015. Or go get a 30-year-old Adrian Clayborn, and hope that Chaz Green is willing to tour the NFL as his weekly opponent, Washington Generals-style.

The second pass at least came with a defensive holding penalty on Mills that set up the Falcons with a first down that led to a touchdown.

Jones is a lot to handle for defensive backs, and even if he isn’t making an impact so far statistically, he’s saved the Falcons from some big mistakes so far.

As a parent raising a budding athlete in the suburbs of D.C., Aron cut a familiar sporting figure—“like a boxer’s father,” Stephanie says. If they drove by a park, Dad might pull over and have Stefon run cones or bleachers. If the boy dropped a pass in a game, Aron would have him sleep cradling a football. “When my mom was home,” says Stefon, “[my dad] would ask me before bed, ‘Did you do your homework?’ But [if it was just] me and him, it was, ‘Did you do your pushups and situps?’ ” Two hundred apiece.

Andy Reid — or at least someone on his staff — should have instructed the Chiefs’ defense before the play that if the Titans converted a first down, they should’ve let them score. KC was down just a single point, 22-21, so if the Titans tacked on a touchdown, the Chiefs would have gotten the ball back still down just one score with a timeout and nearly two minutes on the clock — plenty of time to march down the field with a shot to send the game to overtime.patriots_013_88452582c1c23a0c-180x180

Packers GM Ted Thompson transitioning to new front office role, team will hire replacement

After 13 seasons as general manager of the Green Bay Packers, Ted Thompson is transitioning to a new role in the organization, leaving the team in search of a new man for the job.

Thompson will be the Packers’ senior advisor to football operations, the Packers announced Tuesday.

If the Packers choose to promote from within, there are several potential candidates, including director of football operations Eliot Wolf, CEO Mark Murphy, vice president Russ Ball, director of player personnel Brian Gutekunst, or senior personnel executive Alonzo Highsmith.
At around 10 p.m., gold grill still in his mouth, he heads to Chicken & Watermelon, a counter-service wings dive. “I’m finna take you to the hood,” he announces, saying that’s where the best food is. Not to mention the daquiri shack next door, where the drinks are strong and the DJ is spinning Juvenile. “I gotta get some food in me before I do some crazy s— tonight,” Kamara says, before ordering 100 BBQ and lemon pepper wings and several colorful daiquiris for the group. He daps up the group of men standing in a circle outside the front door, smoking cigarettes and passing blunts. “Your real n—- points out the roof right now,” one man says to the Saints player just hanging in the hood with the real New Orleanians. As he leaves, there’s a loud bang somewhere in the distance. “That one was a gunshot,” Kamara notes.

At 11 p.m., Kamara is shirtless in his kitchen, drinking Cupcake white wine straight out of the bottle. His mom calls. “I’m bout to get f—ed up,” he tells her. “Bout to get turnt.” He opens a drawer and pulls out a stack of $1 bills. “Left over from the strip club,” he says, being unapologetically Alvin Kamara, the best rookie in the NFL, organic, authentic, distinctly himself.

They warned that Saints rookie safety Marcus Williams, who inexplicably missed on the Diggs tackle, will unfortunately go down with playoff goats like Bill Buckner of the Red Sox.

Trailing 24-23 with the ball on their own 39 yard line, and 10 seconds left with no timeouts, the Vikings needed a miracle — and they got it with:

Keenum steps into it. Pass is caught. Diggs. Sideline. Touchdown. Unbelievable. Vikings win it, screamed Joe Buck.

A stunned Troy Aikman could only ask: What the hell was Williams thinking?

[Williams] comes in, he’s got [Diggs] dialed; all he’s got to do is make a play.

Rapoport also reported, citing unidentified sources, that the Titans are preparing to go after Patriots offensive coordinator Josh McDaniels if they part ways with Mularkey.

Bradley talks frequently about focusing only on what he can control.

He started to learn that years ago, when his career kicked off amid accusations of nepotism. He can’t change what people think. He can only learn, regroup and do his best. And there’s no way at this point he can soothe the hurt south of the border.

“I don’t spend two seconds worrying about any of this stuff. I leave that to everybody on the outside to comment on, to discuss. Ultimately it’s noise—needless noise—distraction,” he told reporters following the game at Red Bull Arena.

What he can do Saturday is help ease the pain from TFC’s loss in last year’s final, bringing a championship to a city that’s rarely, if ever, been ambivalent about him. He’s appreciated and adored, and he aims to return the favor.

I want to be the ace.” Stroman, 24, is only 5-foot-8, but he is a high-performance pitcher peak condition.As as he’s got body feeling great and I can train hard during the offseason and I still the game, I am going to come back and play as hard as I can.Moving to plays beyond the dunk, his scoring percentages dipped to a mere 58% from the field, but he led the team with a 15 per game scoring average.

Bet on it. The NFL, traditionally opposed to gambling as a threat to the game’s integrity, is certainly “evolving” on this issue. The league has embraced fantasy, invested in gaming integrity companies and now, of course, allowed the Raiders to move to the country’s gambling epicenter, Las Vegas. Meanwhile on the legal front the league is fighting the implementation of sports betting in New Jersey in the U.S. Supreme Court. Having attended the Court hearing this month, I predict a favorable outcome for New Jersey, which would set the stage for other states to jump in and permit sports betting. Along with other leagues, however, the NFL could continue to lobby for a federal solution. The clock is running, with a game-changing SCOTUS decision due in the spring. We are certainly at a moment in time for the NFL and gambling.

The financial future of quarterbacks such as Jimmy Garoppolo (I still don’t understand why the 49ers didn’t negotiate a contract upon the trade), Case Keenum, Kirk Cousins and perhaps Alex Smith. And, of course, Colin Kaepernick.

Whether, with leadership of the NFL and NFLPA secured for the future, there will be meaningful negotiations towards a new CBA.

He ranked 35th amongst all tackles Pass Blocking Efficiency on; not good, but not awful.I had no clue .Puck retreived by Cammalleri.

Pavel is a player who defined what it meant to be a skilled forward and a two-way player.He recorded 135 tackles, 16 pass breakups and seven interceptions during that stretch.The Packer fans I know uncle and friends can actually have a civilized discussion about how we think the Vikings and Packers do each year.

It’s been a rough couple of weeks for the Ottawa Senators, but none rougher than the most recent.

The team, struggling though the first few months of 2017-18 to the tune of its worst start in 20 years after coming up just short of the Stanley Cup Final last season, has had to deal with owner Eugene Melnyk opening the door to the possibility of moving the franchise.

Before his team took on the Montreal Canadiens in the NHL’s outdoor NHL 100 Classic game on Saturday, Melnyk brought up the idea of maybe moving the franchise.

“If it doesn’t look good here, it could look very, very nice somewhere else, but I’m not suggesting that right now,” the team’s sole owner, governor and chairman said. The Senators were roundly criticized for eliminating 1,500 seats from the Canadian Tire Center to begin the season after struggling with attendance during 2017’s playoff run, and haven’t found a solution to the problem.

Thanks to his on-field exploits at Tennessee and Tennessee Tech, wide receiver Da’ Rogers hit the league with a bit more fanfare than the average undrafted free agent when he signed with the Bills 2013.Those are the spots that you develop the Griffths, Kokos, Senyshyn, Heinen, etc.Seabrook received a congratulatory text from longtime teammate Sharp, who was traded to the Stars the .The Jaguars started at middle linebacker he could learn the defense behind starter Posluszny.Tilt, 31, of Old Market Place, Newhall, Swadlincote, was handed a two-year conditional discharge and was ordered to pay £85 costs and a £20 victim surcharge for attempting to steal from a Boots store, High Street, Swadlincote, on November 16, and for possessing heroin, Burton, on 11.

Cam Newton, quarterback, Carolina. This game against the Vikings was the biggest of the year for Carolina, which had played lousy in other big ones—losses to New Orleans twice and Philadelphia. Fourth quarter, 2:33 left, Carolina ball, second-and-five at the Panther 30. Newton fakes the read-option, keeps, runs over left tackle, and goes 62 yards to the Viking eight. Jonathan Stewart scored the winning touchdown three plays later, and Carolina had a 31-24 win. Newton’s never going to be a 68-percent passer for a season, but he is going to be a man who impacts every game in different ways.

However, he isn’t the greatest athlete and was a try-hard college player who could struggle to transition to the NFL.Once Gordie got drafted by the Aeros, everybody forgot how and were, how good they were, Gordie’s wife, , wrote years later and Howe!: Authorized Biography.The Jazz point guard jokingly told reporters there that he hoped the talented 19-year-old Simmons would go second overall to the Los Lakers that they could face off more often during the .mid-October, a -Pioneer Press story said Heinicke had looked good while working out with the scout team.Bledsoe and Aikman come to mind.

The sign is dominated by a large red triangle set against a white background over the company name spelled out blue letters.Then Red Sox gave him a shot at Triple-A and the rest was history.Guard Schweitzer, a sixth-round pick was beaten out by veteran .Richie Morrill made 44 saves.We just have to take a step back and get refocused.

The Sounders beat TFC on penalties last year after a 0-0 draw, during which the visitors didn’t muster a single shot on target.

“Certainly for the soccer pundits, for the sportscasters, for some of the people that classified our win last year as ‘no shots on goal,’ I’d like to silence some of those critics,” Seattle coach Brian Schmetzer said this week.

What Seattle lacked that day at BMO Field was a finisher who could make the most of a half-chance. That’s Dempsey’s calling card. And on Saturday, considering his focus and form, he’s the weapon that may just silence those detractors and deliver a second MLS Cup to the Sounders.

“Last year was a very, very challenging year for him,” Schmetzer told during a Tuesday conference call. “I thought he took adversity and he dealt with it in a professional way. He was very supportive of his teammates. But at the end, when we’re having our end-of-the-year meeting he did say to me, ‘You know whatI want to go out’—at that point in time, remember, he wasn’t 100% sure he was going to be able to make it back—he said he would prefer to go out on his feet.

“He’s recovered from a pretty significant situation—a very significant situation—one that we can never understand exactly what all of the things that he had to go through to get himself back on the field, and he’s put himself in a place with his teammates to actually end … on a good note,” Schmetzer continued. “I’m very proud of the fact that he’s come back. I think it’s a magnificent achievement, and I also know that he is absolutely hungry to get out on that field and to make a contribution to the team, to help the team win. So in that sense, I think you will see vintage Clint Dempsey—a very motivated, very deadly goal scorer when he’s motivated.”

Senior Josh Kozinski also chipped with 18 points on 5-of-8 shooting beyond the arc Saturday.wants the world to know about his , it’s that nothing is taken lightly.Has great hands, very, very, I guess I use the word crisp.the semi-finals, he faced against whom he had inflicted heavy 8 and 8 defeats during the league stage.

But you know what?Hooked it up to thermostat and it works great Shutters are a little sticky.Hawes, Charlotte Hornets : Over his past four appearances, Hawes has averaged nearly 26 minutes en route to 13 points, 1 3-pointers and 1 steals per game over this successful sample.It could be a superstar.I think when he first came to us, he was waiting for the game to come to him and that’s not the way the NHL works.

Duchene also played wing during the preliminary rounds of the World Cup.Not satisfied with three goals, the Flyers got a fourth the final two minutes.Christian Fischer, RW, Arizona Coyotes Subpar skating hasn’t derailed Fischer’s ascension as a promising power forward.He is a selfless, passionate and versatile player whose blue-collar style was appreciated by the coaching staff.

At this stage the Bulls would be served well to try and position themselves high the upcoming draft and get someone like Lonzo Ball.We knew their game plan, Hogan said.He had been informed that the best big men always went first the draft; the competitor him still wanted to know why.weekday start order to get 60-plus minutes the books by around 10 p.m.

His familiarity with the Bengals’ players and respect from them would set him up for a much better NFL head-coaching experience in Ohio.

The Bengals, who faced Mike Zimmer’s mighty Vikings in Week 15, can forget about getting him back. But they could go after his top assistant. Shurmur, 52, was overwhelmed by his first head-coaching job in Cleveland, but his latest QB work with Case Keenum should be attractive fo fix Cincinnati’s passing game.

There’s no guarantee, despite the change in general manager to John Dorsey, that Jackson will be back in Cleveland. A winless Browns season would be hard to justify him staying in his current position. But with the Bengals’ opening, Jackson might want an out to go back to the team where he had his greatest success as an offensive coordinator.

It’s been an ugly end to the season for Washington with Kirk Cousins, beyond all the injury issues that have plagued the team’s offensive and defensive fronts. Gruden could be headed to a breakup with team owner Daniel Snyder, and like Jackson, he built his resume best with the Bengals. With Jay’s brother Jon not an option should he throw himself into coaching consideration again, this would be Cincinnati’s other way to dip into its recent past.

I think it was more that we made a point before the game and before the series to be hard on their guys, and especially their defensemen.We’ll see, but I think Mason played extremely well, said a male godmother, and he’s trying to help 8-year-old to fulfill her simple wish – that her father , who is a cab driver, would win the leading role a …

I was trying to get back to what I was doing last year.The reception by was coined simply The Catch, and it put San into Super Bowl XVI.He is excellent transition and very explosive around the basket.He still had 39 catches and a career-high 454 yards.

Marino’s career record as a quarterback the postseason was 8, including that Super Bowl loss his second 1984.Among most BYU’s athletics department, though, the practice has different implications.Elliotte Friedman weighs on the Bolts this week’s 30 Thoughts column.Just as important as their marriage was their spiritual commitment.It was Norristown’s night.He is a left-handed shot he wouldn’t pair with Zdeno on the top pair, but having Yandle on the second unit and quarterbacking the power play could be just what the doctor ordered.

Rocha to E.Adams, who left the game against the Cowboys after suffering what looked to be a gruesome ankle injury before returning, is a key part of the Packers’ aerial attack.EAST RUTHERFORD – Cordle had never seen anything like it.The smack talk.But when I line up against him, I feel the same way about Verrett as I do Darrelle Revis.chargers_001

Only the winless Cleveland Browns had more turnovers than the Broncos did this season.

The Los Angeles Lakers open their longest homestand of the season on Wednesday against the Oklahoma City Thunder, and the next five games at Staples Center could be key in turning their season around.

The Lakers (11-25) have lost seven straight and 10 of 11, most recently committing 24 turnovers in a 114-96 loss at the Minnesota Timberwolves on Monday night.

The franchise record for consecutive losses is 10, and the Lakers will face a tough test against Oklahoma City, but then host the Charlotte Hornets, Atlanta Hawks and Sacramento Kings — all of whom are at least nine games under .500.

Pass to Monahan.He had a low crouching stance and was extremely tough to beat on the first shot and he had explosive movements.It’s gonna be special.The boyfriend allegedly told police he received a call from the gas station after 1 a.m.You have two institutions working for you; use them both to your advantage!Under , the Jaguars are only 7 when they win the turnover battle.It was its first loss at home against a Central Division opponent this .The product and service offerings of our companies cover a broad set of solutions from source and process water treatment technologies to operational support services and software.turned sluggish pre-draft workouts, managing a 5 forty, 25-inch vertical, and slow agility scores.

The Broncos finished tied for 26th in scoring (18.1 points per game), were 20th in passing (208.3 yards per game), tied for third in most sacks allowed (52), tied for 25th in receiving touchdowns (19), were 31st in passer rating (73.0), threw the second-most interceptions (22) and suffered their first shutout loss in 25 years.

Only the winless Cleveland Browns had more turnovers than the Broncos did this season.

Siemian, Lynch and Chad Kelly, a rookie who spent the season on injured reserve, are all under contract for next season. It’s highly unlikely they all will be with the team when the offseason program begins.

Elway, who has already scouted the likes of Wyoming quarterback Josh Allen and USC quarterback Sam Darnold in person, said the Broncos will look at both free agency and the draft to find a long-term starter at the position.

Packers reportedly gave Mike McCarthy 1-year extension during season

Mike McCarthy has secured another season Green Bay.

The Packers coach received a one-year contract extension during the regular season and will remain with the team through 2019, ESPN reported, citing unidentified sources.

The deal with McCarthy, who would have been entering the final year of his contract in 2018 without an extension, was never formally announced.

The wild-card round begins Saturday as the Rams, who haven’t seen postseason action since 2004, will host the Falcons in the late game (8:15 p.m. ET). The Chiefs host the Titans at 4:30 p.m. ET in Saturday’s first game.

Most teams would trade their entire existence in the NFL for the Ravens’ last five seasons, since their Super Bowl 47 win. One playoff trip that featured a narrow loss at New England, just one losing season, three seasons contending for the postseason that ended with heartbreaking, last-minute defeat to division rivals.

Painful, but still better than all but an elite handful, and a universe away from their Super Bowl opponent in 2013, the 49ers, who have fired coaches three times, their general manager once and changed quarterbacks five times. By contrast, coach John Harbaugh, general manager Ozzie Newsome and quarterback Joe Flacco have been united in Baltimore for 10 years now.

Still, there’s that 40-40 post-Super Bowl record, and the four years missing the playoffs.

Chiefs rookie defensive backs Peters and Steven be absent from team activities until the middle of , according to .Stevens later said Crowder regretted his emotional reaction to the fans.We feel good about that.Los Kings center Jarret Stoll, center, is seen with goalie Quick, right, and Toffoli after NHL hockey game against the San Sharks on 11.Green’s agent confirmed that.Trending: DARRELLE REVIS MISCHA BLIZZARDS IMMIGRATION TRUMP FIRST 100 DAYS Giants rookie safety Darian Thompson, who is line to start alongside second-year Collins, suffered a shoulder injury Saturday’s preseason game and will be evaluated on a week-to-week basis, the team said on Monday afternoon.If a new comment is published from a banned user or contains a blacklisted word, this comment automatically have limited visibility .career playoffs most minutes played …lions_042